With so many running races each month, runners have more choices. Sponsors are getting calls from more races and have more options.

  • What are you doing to ensure your 5k, half marathon, marathon or charity walk is a more memorable experience?
  • What are you doing differently to get the competitive edge?

Let’s talk facts…

#1 – You’re producing a running race to make money. Period.
#2 – There are a lot of expenses that go into putting on a race (website, t-shirts, timing company, stage, finish lines, barricades, deejay, security, permits, porta-potties, bands, printing, tents, etc.).
#3 – Not one of those expenses generates you a dime on its own. They are all costs.

FACT: Your investment in a Big Screens on the Go jumbotron rentals will be one of the only investments that will generate revenue 100% trackable and verifiable.


“It was really exciting for us to have the Big Screens on the course. We used the screens in a variety of different ways… we used the screens to show movie clips from iconic films shot here in Chicago, plus we showed social media posts. Our runners really loved them!”

– Beth Salinger, Rock and Roll Half Marathon Chicago, Event Director

Features of Our Large Screens for Events:

  • Many different sizes
  • Finish line, start line, post race party installation options
  • All-weather
  • Highest outdoor resolution in the USA
  • Many add-ons available

Problems We Solve

  • Slow registrations
  • Sluggish sponsorship sales
  • Poor and slow on-site communications (weather alerts, lost children, etc)
  • Boring, same ol’ same ol’ race

Our Standard Jumbotron Rental Race Package Includes:

  • Jumbotron video screen (10′ high x 16′ wide, 6mm pitch)
  • Video camera and operator
  • Social media wall, live and moderated
  • PA system
  • Video production switcher
  • Exclusive sponsorship activations
  • Video editing and graphic design package
  • And many more options available