Movie Nights are fast becoming a great way for communities to spend time with family in the outdoors.  However, the problem has always been that most jumbotron rental companies use projector technology—which cannot be seen in daylight.  So, movie nights have traditionally started after 8 p.m.  which means families with children don’t get home until after 11 p.m.  The solution is Big Screens on the Go LED large screens for events.  Our jumbotron screens are daylight bright which means you can start the movie earlier, or better yet, you can show a double feature with one movie starting at 6:30 p.m. and the next one at 9 p.m.

Movie Nights provide fun for the whole family. You can watch something funny and kid-friendly, like Finding Nemo, or you can watch something inspirational and touching, like The Blind Side. How about asking everyone to bring a snack or beverage, and bring the community together through film and good food? A Big Screens On the Go jumbotron rentals for a movie night is just another way that you can get your community involved!

Now that you’ve got some ideas churning, you might be wondering how to broadcast a movie or message of your choice to several dozen people. We’ve got you covered with our large screen rentals! Big Screens on the Go has several jumbotron rentals and concert screen products designed to fit your needs. If you really like our products, contact us anytime!