1. Top Reasons Why Sponsors Love Our Chicago Jumbotron!

    Are you looking for a Chicago Jumbotron to use are your next event? Want a unique and exciting way to introduce your company and broadcast an inspirational message by one of your sponsors, charities or employees? Imagine having all eyes and ears on you with great anticipation and excitement. By broadcasting your message on a jumbotron you are the center of attention for all to see.  Our welcome …Read More

  2. LED Video Screen Showed Blackhawks in All Their Glory!

    CHICAGO - Big Screens on the Go celebrated the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory in the most millennial way possible, through LED video screen. There was no better way for a business to get exposure to more than two million people in their local community. The parade on June 18, 2015 was the perfect opportunity for businesses to support their hometown team. Video Player 00:00 02:15 "The C…Read More

  3. Cornhusker Video Truck Campaign

    This fall Big Screens on the Go launched a LED video truck campaign at all Nebraska Cornhuskers home football games. Our client, US Cellular, will have several creative advertisements to be displayed on our big screened LED video truck to catch the eyes of everyone in attendance for the games. The first game of the season was against the revered BYU, and with the 87,000 seat stadium is sure to b…Read More

  4. Ad Campaign Sheds Light on Walgreens

    PICKETING AND AD CAMPAIGN SHEDS LIGHT ON WALGREENS ATTACKING SMALL BUSINESSES L.A. based Marz Sprays is engaged in an increasingly noisy campaign meant to not only reclaim themselves for the damages they caused, but to do the right thing for small businesses and compensate Marz Sprays for damages. In 2014 Walgreens ordered 60,000 Marz Sprays units, and never paid for them until Marz Sprays was fo…Read More

  5. Effectiveness of Jumbotron Advertising

    Jumbotron Advertising have been at the forefront of entertainment and advertising combined. To have a captive audience is everything. With cell phones, tablets and iPads taking up everyone’s attention in the palm of their hands, how do you get them to look up? According to a recent survey, 87.3 percent of respondents said the jumbotron increased their enjoyment of the game. By being able to re…Read More

  6. Top 5 Jumbotron Videos

    OUR TOP FIVE LARGE-SCREEN JUMBOTRON VIDEOS Sporting events are entertaining, but those who land themselves on the big screen are even more entertaining. Everyone loves their 15 seconds of fame, and that's why we love having our Big Screens jumbotron videos at any event. 1. Marlin's Fan Marlins Kid dancing on Jumbotron fan cam 2. Spark Cam Kid Breaks it Down on Jumbotron 3. Lakers Kid Funny Kid on…Read More

  7. Digital Marketing Tips

    Digital marketing can be the best way to reach potential clients and customers. These are some tips for digital marketers, and Big Screens on the Go can help. We have digital billboards that are creative and draw attention wherever they go. Online Footprint. Building a brand's digital footprint means nothing if you don't have one yourself. Practicing techniques on your own account is a perfect w…Read More

  8. Go Cubs Go!

    Before you start reading about our Cubs viewing parties videos , listen to Go Cubs Go! Being home grown Chicago fans, and being a part of the Chicago Blackhawk's parade we were excited to host Chicago Go Cubs  Go viewing parties at Niko's Red Mill Tavern. A BIG screen that's 10 foot by 23 foot showed the cubs in all their glory during their series against the St. Louis Cardinals. Even though it…Read More