Big Screens for parades and outdoor events

Our screens are not technically floats, but they sure do stand out in a parade! If you’re looking to enhance your town’s parades and outdoor events similar festivities (without limiting your creativity) consider adding a Big Screens to the mix. How could we use a Big Screen in our parade, you ask?

“And the best float goes to… BIG SCREENS ON THE GO!

First of all, our trucks and trailers are double-sided, so everybody on your parade route sees every image and video. But don't stop there; utilize the social media tools Big Screens can provide and reach exponentially more people through targeted hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all while further engaging with your parade attendees. For more Information you may get in touch with us .

Here are a few examples that have recently transformed parades:

  • Display a holiday video montage – iconic clips from Thanksgiving and Christmas movies are a big hit!
  • Put attendees on the Big Screen! Everybody loves seeing themselves on the Big Screen and our live camera feeds can give every one of your visitors that opportunity!
  • Custom sponsor ads – Show your local businesses and sponsors you appreciate their support by displaying their logos to everyone in the community!