Block Parties and Movie Nights for the Community

Bring the Community Together With Block Parties/Movie Nights


Bring a Big Screen to your next Block Parties and Movie Nights and bring your community together. Communities are diverse and as a community event organizer you aim to please as many people as you can. A major challenge in accomplishing this goal is time – How early can you start? How late can you entertain? Is it a school day? Do parents have work tomorrow? With Big Screens On the Go you can entertain in any lighting, allowing you to start early and end late. More time = More bang for your buck!

Movie Nights provide fun for the whole family. You can watch something funny and kid-friendly, like Finding Nemo, or you can watch something inspirational and touching, like The Blind Side. How about asking everyone to bring a snack or beverage, and bringing the community together through film and good food? A Big Screen On the Go is just another way that you can get your community involved and a movie night is the best idea yet!

Block Parties / Movie NightsIf movies aren’t your thing, you might want to consider block parties! Block parties are a great way to meet new people in your community, socialize with neighbors, and encourage your kids to forge new friendships. You can host introductory activities, otherwise known as “icebreakers”, for both kids and adults! And by using Big Screens on the Go, you can broadcast a movie, inspirational message, funny clips, a message from YOU, or anything else you desire!

Now that you’ve got some ideas churning, you might be wondering how to broadcast a movie or message of your choice to several dozen people. We’ve got you covered! Big Screens on the Go has several products designed to fit your needs. If you really like our product then you may Contact Us freely any time.

For movie nights or block parties, you might want to use one of our LED Trailer Screens! The top of these 9’ x 16’ Mobile LED Screens can reach up to 17’ feet in the air. They are fully weather-proof, so don’t let rain put a damper on your event! They’re fantastic for indoor and outdoor events, day or night, and come with self-contained power and built-in audio. Trained LED technicians can get your screen up and running in 20 minutes, so preparation is quick and no-hassle!

For block parties, you might want to consider using our Live Text to Screen! This is a fun way to engage members of your community. We provide a moderator, and we’ll also develop a list of five interactive questions/voting contests for you!

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