Raise above the crowd with our LED Trailer screens! The top of these 9’ x 16’ Mobile LED Screens can reach up to 17’ feet in the air! They are fully rain and weather proof making them perfect for indoor and outdoor events, day or night and come equipped with self-contained power and built-in audio. Trained LED technicians are able to get your screen up and running in 20 minutes.




Our patented LED Drapes will make your event a BIG success! Each drape is high resolution (great for movies and videos), lightweight, durable and easy to install – easy setup and breakdown. Each drape is roughly 2.5’ x 10’ giving you the option to make your screen as big as you’d like. Have a BIG idea? We’d love to hear about it! Visit our contact page to tell us more!




Have a brilliant idea to get people’s attention at your next idea but a banner or billboard just won’t cut it? Consider using our highly versatile LED Modules to bring your idea to life! Each module is 25” x 25”, lightweight and easy to install. Our modules can take any shape and can be as large or small as you need to make your vision a reality.





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