Welcome to Big Screens On the Go

Big Screens On the Go is a jumbotron rental provider for events throughout the United States. Based in Dallas, TX, with sales offices in Chicago and Orlando, Big Screens on the Go services over 200 events each year. We are proud to boast a 93% client return rate year over year with an emphasis on events such as…  Running races , driving campaigns, Walks and endurance events, parades, Religious gatherings, Sporting events, Fairs and festivals, Concerts, Movie nights, Tradeshows, Tailgate parties and block parties.

Benefits of Jumbotron Rentals:

Extensive research shows that the flexibility of our products is a huge draw. Being able to show live camera feeds, music videos, static ads, social media interactions and live television are just a few of the reasons events and festivals choose Big Screens On The Go. Our jumbotron rentals….

  • Increase engagement and entertain attendees,
  • Communicate easier and more effectively with attendees
  • While making your event more professional
  • Additional sponsorship opportunities making it more profitable
  • Ability to update screens with results and information in real time

Any Size, Day or Night, Indoor or Outdoor Jumbotrons

Our jumbotron screens are easily visible day or night, and can be installed indoor or outdoor. Each of proprietary LED jumbotron drapes are lightweight, durable and extremely fast to setup and strike.

Each jumbotron rental wall can be configured to any size or shape to meet your needs. Typical configurations are usually in an HD aspect ratio including sizes:

  • 10’ high x 16’ wide
  • 10’ high x 20’ wide
  • 10’ high x 24’ wide

Our team has more than 50 years experience in LED jumbotron technology and a proven track record of implementing successful marketing strategies. Our strategies attract new sponsors and expand your prospect list. Click here to listen to how sponsors react to having their name in lights on the jumbotron.

Many block parties, running races and festivals have found that they can bring in so much extra revenue the screens pay for themselves. Not for profits who’ve never dreamed of having several jumbotrons at their walks and runs have seen increases from top sponsors who want to be the headline speaker on the jumbotron using streaming video messages and live simulcasts to convey why they are connected to that specific charity. Call us today, or click here to see us in action and find out how a jumbotron can improve your event today.

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Revenue Generating Big Screens

Are you looking to bring additional revenue to your event? Tired of offering sponsors the same ol’ stuff that everyone else is offering? You know… vinyl banners blowing in the wind, website banners, booths, mentions from the deejay, etc.

Isn’t it time to bring your sponsors real value? Something that does grab attention and drives interaction? Big Screens on the Go provides a list of over 25 revenue generating sponsorship offerings exclusive to the jumbotron. Fun sponsorship opportunities include live kiss cam, hero cam or even having your audience capture a logo and tweet it from the big screen. And don’t forget live social media walls branded with custom hashtags and logos. The possibilities are endless with this new tool in your toolbox.
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How do I book big screens?

Just click this link for pricing on a Big Screen rental - Fill out this form and we'll get back to you with a price!


How much does big screens cost?

Pricing depends on several things, number of screens, size, resolution, type of installation, and any additional services. Our services are priced in such a way to help ensure our clients with the highest possible return on their investment.


What sizes are available?

We understand size matters!
Rest assured, we can provide screens from over 1600 sq. ft, all the way down to less than 20 sq. ft. And just about any shape imaginable